Sam Clayton

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For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with all matters automotive.  I passed my driving test within days of my 17th birthday – largely due to my father helping me understand car craft on private land from the age of 13!

Pride and passion have played an instrumental part in the way I drive and manage any vehicle I operate – from cars and HGVs to the light aircraft I fly as a hobby.

The modern HGV is very complex. Drivers often have the ability to manoeuvre and control their vehicle with ease, but are not trained to obtain the best from its features. In addition, European legislation has reduced HGV emissions to such a level that further gains will be difficult to achieve.  There will not be a reduction in vehicle numbers, so optimisation of driver technique through education is now essential.

A happy and motivated driver will get the best from their truck – this was my motivation for starting SmartDrive UK Ltd.

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